June 7th, Isovalent Workshop Tour and the first Cloud Native Basel Meetup

Wednesday 07.06.2023

Exciting news: On June 7th, the Isovalent Workshop Tour will be stopping at b-nova in Basel, followed by the first Cloud Native Basel Meetup! 🔥

We're offering you:

  • An intense practical workshop about Cilium, Kubernetes Container Networking, Observability, Security, and eBPF 🔗
  • Exciting presentations on Cloud Native technologies ☁️
  • Opportunities for networking and community building 🤝

And the best part? Both events are free and will take place directly in Basel!

Don't miss this opportunity and secure your spot at both events:

  1. Isovalent Cilium Workshop Registration, 2pm - 5:30pm (EN)
  2. Cloud Native Basel Meetup Registration, from 5:30pm (DE)

We look forward to seeing you in Basel and giving the Cloud Native Community in Basel a face together, see you soon! 🚀

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