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b-nova Schweiz GmbH

b-nova is known for its competence, team spirit and 100% reliability. We provide continuous value through innovation in the areas of DevOps / DevSecOps, Web Development and Cloud Computing solutions. As a Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) member and certified Kubernetes service provider, we represent the cloud-native approach and act as a center of competence and point of contact located in Basel. We not only apply the acquired knowledge to successful customer projects, but also share it proactively and with pleasure throughout our network.

In short: b-nova combines innovation, quality and professionalism in a charming way.

Mr. Stefan Welsch | CEO

Signalstr. 13
4058 Basel


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DevSecOps Services & Consulting show product detailhide product detail

The fast pace of the web and the volatility of market needs require keeping time-to-market as low as possible in order to respond to dynamic changes seamlessly. We understand the challenges of delivering new functionality quickly and efficiently, and therefore believe that DevOps-centric technologies such as container orchestration, continuous delivery, continuous integration and infrastructure-as-code should be a must-have for any agile organization.

Security vulnerabilities are not only relevant to end users and their browsing behavior, but occur along the entire software development chain. Therefore, security is an integral part to the software lifecycle and must be meticulously ensured at every stage.
We have broad expertise and many years of experience in the enterprise segment and can thus optimally support our customers in the implementation and continuous further development of this complex paradigm.
#cicd #infrastructure-as-code #terraform #helm #github #gitops #argocd #cloudnative

Scalable & Reliable Cloud Solutions Services & Consulting show product detailhide product detail

For some time now, the trend has been to shift the operation of applications from physical data centers to cloud providers. Initially, financial and organizational savings were expected. Nowadays, cloud providers such as AWS, GCP or Azure offer specially managed solutions that not only put less strain on the wallet, but also free up headspace for the core business. If properly designed and implemented, the use of cloud-based resources promises solutions that are cost-effective, scalable and widely available.

Especially when migrating to a cloud-based solution, it's not uncommon for the transition to be rocky and the goal to not always be immediately apparent. This is exactly where we at b-nova come in. We support our customers throughout the planning of cloud architectures, the selection of suitable orchestration tools, all the way to the optimization of applications for "cloud nativeness".
#aws-lamdba #aws-ec2 #ansible #apachekafka #istio #uptime #site-reliability-engineering
SAP, General E-Commerce, General Development, Web Content Management (WCM)

Modern Web Development Services & Consulting show product detailhide product detail

Web applications allow for the execution of complex business processes. It takes a great deal of skill to offer a seamless user experience while at the same time meeting technical requirements such as availability and maintainability. With modern web applications, the focus also lies on the interfaces that integrate an application into the larger business context. On top of that, the rapid advancement of web standards, frameworks, methodologies and practices has to be taken into account.

We take advantage of precisely these advancements to support our customers in creating professional web applications based on well-known frameworks (React, Angular, Svelte).
SAP, General E-Commerce, General Development, Web Content Management (WCM)