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Abacus is an owner-managed Swiss software company that has been successfully developing business ERP software for over 35 years. Their software covers areas such as finance, human resources, administration, sales, production, and services. Abacus Research AG employs 520 people.

Founded in 1985 by three graduates of the University of St. Gallen, who are still active in the company today, Abacus is the largest and most successful independent Swiss provider of business software for small and medium-sized enterprises, with over 65,000 customers. The headquarters of Abacus Research AG is located in Wittenbach/St. Gallen, with additional branches in St. Gallen/St. Fiden, Winterthur, Biel, Lugano, and Geneva.

Abacus-Platz 1
9300 Wittenbach-St.Gallen

Tel 071 292 25 25

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Abacus «DEEP» enables fully autonomous accounting. The fifth software generation from Abacus Research AG offers a secure and digital ERP platform aiming for real-time paperless accounting. This means that booking processes are handled exclusively digitally and information is immediately available to customers. Thanks to the seamless integration of various technologies with artificial intelligence, creditor and debtor documents as well as their payments can now be processed autonomously. An important function for the exchange of data is performed by deepbox, a type of electronic mailbox that exchanges documents, information, and payments between customers, suppliers, trustees, banks, insurers, administrations, as well as devices or properties and the Abacus Business Software as well as AbaNinja.
Abacus is a completely new ERP-software developed in Internet architecture. It is particularly distinguished by its scalability and role-based user concept, multilingualism, and support for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Additionally, it can be used on various platforms.
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Swiss21 is an ERP system for Swiss SMEs, clubs and companies. With our platform, you can start digitising your business for free and it will save you an enormous amount of time. We offer an invoicing programme with automatic accounting, a payroll programme, an e-commerce, a CRM and a mobile application for managing expense reports.
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  • Friday 15.11.2019

    Setting trends

    Businesses using ERP today expect both longevity and innovation. Abacus masters this by combining careful technological planning with substantial creative freedom for its staff. Christian Walter General Administrative
  • Thursday 13.09.2018


    Mit der kostenlosen Business-Software AbaNinja legte Abacus im Januar 2017 den Grundstein für ein neues Software-Ökosystem – auch wenn das damals noch nicht direkt so kommuniziert wurde. Christian Walter General Enterprise Ressource Planning (ERP)
  • Tuesday 10.07.2018

    HR-Portal und Architektur

    Mit der neuesten Version seiner Business­Software will Abacus Mitarbeitende Manager zum Self­Service ermächtigen und gleichzeitig die Personalabteilung von aufwändiger Administrationsarbeit befreien. Christian Walter Complete ERP Software
  • Monday 24.08.2015

    Wie reich sind die Schweizer Gemeinden?

    Mit HRM2 kommt ein Buchhaltungsstandard zum Einsatz, der neue Einsichten in die Finanzen von Städten und Gemeinden erlaubt. Erste Erfahrungen sammelte man im Kanton Aargau mit Abacus Business Software. Christian Walter Complete ERP Software
  • Friday 19.06.2015

    Porto sparen und Prozesse verschlanken

    Durch den Einsatz von E-Rechnungen sollen die Verwaltungskosten sinken. In der Schweiz nimmt die Energiebranche eine Vorreiterrolle ein und setzt zusammen mit Abacus und Innosolv auf medienbruchfreie Automatisierung für Geschäfts- und Privatkunden. Christian Walter Complete ERP Software