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Leistung macht einfach Spass

Delivering performance is a pleasure

Noser Engineering is one of Switzerland’s software development pioneers, though the company does not develop products. Innovation and taking pleasure in the work they do are at the heart of the company’s success and at the core of its DNA.

Noser Engineering specializes in the implementation of pilot projects using technologies that have not yet been introduced on the market. In this way the company has established its own special niche. It markets neither products nor licenses; instead, its employees contribute their expertise to leading-edge projects in which innovations are often developed in cooperation with customers. Naturally, not all projects reach market maturity, but Noser Engineering has participated in the development of ground-breaking software for global corporations—Android being a prime example. Today, the company generates the majority of its sales with Microsoft via embedded and Java-Android technologies primarily for medical engineering, transport, central building control solutions as well as industrial and automotive applications. Noser Engineering is the largest firm within the Noser Group. With 140 highly qualified and loyal employees working from offices in Zurich, Berne, Lucerne and Munich, it generates approximately 30 percent of group income. The group’s six operating companies with a total of 475 employees most recently reported annual turnover of 90 million Francs.

«Solid as a rock»
A company that deliberately sells neither hardware nor software, instead using its software development know-how to support innovation in other companies as a service provider, must practice a very special work culture and always be a technology and methodology leader. It is no coincidence that Noser Engineering CEO Geri Moll, who has been with the company for almost 25 years, stresses the company’s motto “Joy in life—Technology— Performance”. He says that the company achieves its goals if “our engineers not only contribute leading-edge know-how, but also communicate empathy and joy in life”. Moll adds that his company regards itself as a “solid and innovative eye of the proverbial storm” of product development. Alongside the long established training and continuing education of its employees in technology and methodology, a special working culture is a key factor in the company’s success. It enables Noser Engineering to act consistently as a pioneer. Style, conduct and collegiality play a decisive role, especially where brain sourcing is the core business, Moll explains, adding that this was why “values” are a topic of intense debate at Noser Engineering. The company attempts to measure their effect and keeps developing its values in cooperation with external advisors and in the company’s own workgroups and employee workshops. Moll says that a solid value foundation is essential to deliver outstanding performance based on a deep understanding of technology, and enjoy doing so at the same time: “Delivering performance with joy is simply a pleasure.”

Volker Richert, swiss made software