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The "swiss made software" label is dedicated to promoting the Swiss software sector both in Switzerland and abroad. It is associated with Swiss values such as qualityreliability and precision – in particular in software development.

This fact is also confirmed by the presence of numerous international companies. Additionally companies like Google and IBM operate local research and development centers.

On this platform, you can find a directory of all companies that meet the label's requirements. In other words: partners that are innovativeopen and flexible.

swiss made software - the book

swiss made software - Fintech is the fifth edition of our book series.

Swiss fintech is on the rise – but its full economic potential is far from being exhausted. Some observers even appear to fear that any potential profits could be lost in the complicated interplay between the interests of regulators, companies, the state and consumers. The primary solution and guiding principle here is the push for more radical innovation for Switzerland’s banking center. What sort of hopes and criticism lie in store for 2016?

swiss made software is trying to define the current status of this fascinating industry. The book provides information on the current state of affairs in fintech, the strengths and activities of the various regions, crowdfunding, and the role played by the regulator, while also introducing stakeholders and explaining concepts like blockchain and Bitcoins. Volume 5 is rounded off with incisive specialist articles and interviews with renowned exponents of the Swiss IT industry. Details here.

Interaktive Wepkarte

Finding the right intern is not always easy. The same holds true for students trying to find the right place to do their thesis at. To make things easier swiss made software now offers an interactive webmap. The new service is launched in cooperation with ICT-Berufsbildung Schweiz.

The map has a few additional functionalities as well: Users can look for specific companies by name or search for specific products and services. In other words the webmap is a handy tool to find the right partner from the swiss made software cosmos.

You can find the map here.

"swiss made software - Public Innovation" is the fourth volume in our publication series. It focuses on ICT at the intersection of the state, civil society and private companies.

What is innovation? Who does it? And should they? Are among the questions asked. There is a spotlight on how innovation is conducted in other countries as well as public procurement in Switzerland. Finally we look at efficiency gains - how to achieve more with less money or better services with the same amount.

Available as Print and PDF here.

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