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"swiss hosting" successfully launched: +120 companies participate

Wednesday 17.02.2021
+120 companies have joined "swiss hosting" within 5 months

In just 5 months, "swiss hosting" attracted more than 120 companies from all areas of Swiss ICT. This success underlines that data sovereignty is as much a clear customer need as it is a decisive competitive advantage.

It is undisputed that data is a strategic asset as well as a driver of innovation. Because of this i is not only important where the data is stored, but also who can exercise control over the data.

"swiss hosting" makes this distinction visible - with success. Since its launch at the end of August 2020, over 120 companies have opted for the new label. These companies come from all areas of Swiss ICT. They are hosters, cloud providers and SaaS companies. They all see data sovereignty as a clear competitive advantage because it is more than an empty marketing promise: it is a quality label with a guarantee. Since misuse has consequences, all swiss hosting companies have "skin in the game". These conditions were not only demanded by the companies but developed in close exchange with the stakeholders.

"swiss hosting" makes two clear customer promises:

  1. Your data stays in Switzerland.
  2. Control over your data remains here as well.

In other words, tangible data sovereignty instead of cloudy promises. This is in contrast to vague agreements such as the recently overturned Privacy Shield, which was supposed to regulate the framework conditions for data exports from the EU to the USA. The unsuitability of this agreement was not only confirmed by the European Court of Justice, but also by the FDPIC. "swiss hosting" establishes a clear legal framework for data access. This is also confirmed by the lawyer Simon Schlauri, who was involved in the development of the framework agreement: "Only Swiss authorities are allowed access, against which people concerned can defend themselves within the framcework provided by the rule of law. "swiss hosting" puts a stop to data access by foreign authorities."

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"swiss hosting is exactly what we have been waiting for. The label is the best way to make our philosophy of 100% Swiss for backups tangible for our customers."

Florin Gruber, CISO, Backup ONE AG

"If you don't want to give up control of your customers' data, you store it in Switzerland. Anything else has always been out of the question for us. The "swiss hosting" label helps us to make this claim even easier to see."

David Burkardt, Founder and CEO, cyon

"Many of our projects proudly carry the label "swiss made software & swiss hosting". For us, this is a unique selling point. In turn, our customers know that their data is not only stored in Switzerland, but that control also remains here."

Philipp Läubli, Partner & CTO, dreipol GmbH


"We have felt for some time that Switzerland as a data location is becoming increasingly important to many customers. That's why we supported the idea for a quality label for the local hosting industry right from the start."

Claudius Röllin, Co-Founder & CPO, Hostpoint


"That only a few companies manage all the data on the planet is not normal. If we want to create jobs, develop local know-how and guarantee the sovereignty of data, it is important that users can easily identify the companies that fulfill these objectives. That's why we rely on swiss hosting."

Boris Siegenthaler, Founder and strategic Lead, Infomaniak


"Quality, reliability and data protection are the three attributes that are central to Swiss Post's IncaMail. The double label "swiss made software & swiss hosting" embodies precisely these elements. That's why the label embodies a valuable mark of quality for our customers and partners at home and abroad."

Pascal Leutenegger, Head of IncaMail, Post CH AG


"Since contracts are highly sensitive documents, anyone switching from handwritten to electronic signatures must be sure that their data is in the best hands . swiss hosting helps us to demonstrate that we make no compromises when it comes to data security and protection.

Roni Oeschger, CTO & Co-Founder, Skribble


"Which data is worth what level of protection? Together with our customers, we find the individually right solution. Combining a Swiss data location with control over the data is gaining importance due to a growing sensitivity for data sovereignty. The "swiss hosting" label enables us to make our sense of responsibility and promise of quality visible."

Stefanie Berger, Business Development Operations, Unic 

+120 companies have joined "swiss hosting" within 5 months

Complete list of companies

ABF Informatik AG
AGORA Secure Ware
alea iacta digital gmbh
Alphasys AG
AlpHosting - TiZoo Gmbh
Altoo AG
amétiq ag
Aspectra AG
Bachmann Support GmbH
Backup One AG
Bar Informatik AG
Beartson Technology SA
Bedag Informatik AG
Biings Technologies
Brielmayer Consulting GmbH
Bsystem Sagl
Byteworks GmbH AG
cloudtec AG
Clue Security Services AG
Comcepta AG
Cyberfish AG
cyon GmbH
Data Trust AG
Datalizard AG
Descartes Finance
dreipol GmbH
dynasoft AG
EMNA Web GmbH/ DeinAdieu Emna Web GmbH
Escola GmbH
exanic AG
exigo ag
fence IT AG
Flow Swiss AG
Furger und Partner AG
greenmatch AG
Hachnowledge SA
Headware Informatik AG
Herzig AG Raumdesign
hitobito AG
Hitz Engineering GmbH
Hostpoint AG
hosttech GmbH
Huperty AG
IC information company AG
Incite GmbH
Infoconsulting Informatik GmbH
internezzo ag
IT & Design Solutions GmbH
iway AG
JMC Software AG
KF data AG
Klapp GmbH
kompiuterzeugs gmbh
linkyard ag
mailxpert GmbH
Mercurio Technology GmbH
Meta10 Secure Cloud
Metanet AG
MiroNet Ag
MOORnetworks AG
Nine Internet Solutions AG
om computer support ag
Opacc Software AG
Open Circle AG
Open Net Sàrl
P. + D. Hadorn AG /
papilio ag
Picture-Planet GmbH
Post CH AG
Post Vitam Sàrl
ProTimer GmbH
Qualit-e Cloud GmbH
Relai AG
root-service ag
Rumya Sàrl
Seabix AG
ServerBase AG
Sherpany AG
Skribble AG
SORBA Software
stepping stone AG
SUA Telenet GmbH
swiss cloud computing ag
Swiss Cyber Gate AG
the i-engineers AG
Unic AG
Unity Systems (Schweiz) AG
Veeting AG
Vitim Switzerland GmbH
VSHN/Appuio AG
walkingtoweb GmbH
Webopolis GmbH witweb
webstyle GmbH
WMC IT Solutions AG
Xelon AG
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