Annual review 2020 - record growth + "swiss hosting"

Thursday 18.03.2021

We are pleased to present you the annual overview 2020. First, however, we would like to thank all our sponsors and partners for their excellent cooperation over the past year. Without your support, our work would not be possible!

But now an overview of the activities of the previous year, on which we want to build in 2021.

Best regards and here's to a successful 2021!
The swiss made software team

Annual review 2020 - record growth

Despite Corona, "swiss made software" grew faster than ever in 2020! A further 160 companies are now labeling their products and services with "swiss made" and/or "swiss hosting". In 2020, there are thus more than 820 members offering over 800 products and services on

swiss hosting

It is undisputed that data is becoming increasingly important as a strategic asset and driver of innovation. What is not often discussed though is that the location alone is not the only factor, but also who can exercise control over the data.

The new "swiss hosting" label makes the difference visible - with success! Since the launch at the end of August 2020, over 120 companies have opted for the new label. These companies come from all areas of Swiss ICT. They are hosters, cloud providers and SaaS companies. They all see data sovereignty as a clear competitive advantage, as a quality label with a guarantee, and not as an empty marketing promise. Because all swiss hosting companies have "skin in the game", misuse has consequences. These framework conditions were demanded by the companies and developed in close exchange with the stakeholders.

"swiss hosting" makes two clear customer promises:

  1. Your data stays in Switzerland.
  2. The control over your data remains here.

In other words, tangible data sovereignty instead of cloudy promises. This is in contrast to vague agreements such as the recently overturned Privacy Shield, which was supposed to regulate the framework conditions for data exports from the EU to the USA. The unsuitability of this agreement was confirmed not only by the European Court of Justice, but also by the FDPIC.

The fact that "swiss hosting" establishes a clear legal framework for data access is also confirmed by lawyer Simon Schlauri, who was involved in the development of the framework agreement: "Only Swiss authorities are allowed to access data, against which the data subjects can defend themselves in the procedure provided under the rule of law. "swiss hosting" puts a stop to access to data by foreign authorities."

 >further information about "swiss hosting"

>interview with lawyer Simon Schlauri regarding the legal framework conditions (German only)

swiss developer survey 2020

In 2020, once again we conducted the "swiss developer survey" - with great success! Over 1000 developers from all over Switzerland contributed to the success of the survey. Again, many thanks to the participants, without whom this would not have been possible.

About the content: Not only technological applications develop quickly. The same is true for tools such as programming languages, frameworks, platforms or databases that are used to build new applications. For developers, however, it is about more than "just" working tools. Technology is emotional and therefore directly responsible for job satisfaction and choice of employer.

The detailed results can be found here:

>swiss developer survey 2020

and a short overview here:

>short summary

ICT Insurances (ICT-Versicherungen)

In cooperation with swissICT and esurance, we announced the launch of an insurance solution for ICT companies in April. It is aimed at SMEs and startups in particular. Thanks to collective purchasing power and in-depth industry knowledge, it was possible to design a package that was optimized from the ground up.

10 months after its launch, ICT Insurances (ICT-Versicherungen) cracked the 100-customer mark at the beginning of February. Startups and established companies are represented in roughly equal numbers. Almost two-thirds of the companies are software manufacturers, while others are primarily active as ICT service providers, consulting firms or in retail and repair.

According to esurance's evaluation, ICT companies have an average savings potential of 10-19 percent for their entire insurance portfolio. For individual products such as liability insurance, savings of up to 75 percent are possible with ICT insurance solutions.

ICT insurance can be easily calculated and concluded online with just a few clicks. The customer benefits from a comprehensive and simple all-round solution that helps reduce administrative effort and premiums. The insurance solutions come from insurance partners Allianz, Swica and Chubb. The offer is exclusive to swissICT members.

From the perspective of swiss made software, ICT industry insurance is a great idea that helps the domestic industry focus on its core business.

>more information about the ICT insurances


Unfortunately, our numerous event collaborations fell victim to the Corona virus. As soon as the situation eases, we will step on the gas again. In the meantime, we would like to thank all our partners and keep our fingers crossed for 2021.

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