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Annual Review 2019 «swiss developer survey & more»

Tuesday 10.03.2020

We are pleased to present the 2019 Annual Review. We would first like to take this opportunity to thank all our members and partners for your loyalty over the past year. None of our work would be possible without your support.

What follows is an update on our activities over the past year, which we plan to build on in 2020.

Wishing you all the best and a successful 2020.
The swiss made software team

2019 Annual Review

swiss made software welcomed many new members again last year: Another 60 companies are now signed up and entitled to use the swiss made software label on their products and services. That means we entered 2020 with more than 660 members, who together advertise more than 750 products and services on www.swissmadesoftware.org.

swiss developer survey

We carried out the first ever swiss developer survey in 2019 – and it was a resounding success! Almost 1,000 developers from every corner of the Swiss IT industry took their chance to have their say. Thank you to everyone who took part – without such good input, the resulting data would never have been so useful.

As regards the survey itself: It’s not just the ways we use technology that are changing. The same applies to the various tools, such as the programming languages, frameworks, platforms, and databases used to create these new applications. For developers themselves, though, these things are more than ‘just’ tools: technology is an emotional topic. And that makes sense. After all, the tools we use have an influence on how much we enjoy our work and our choice of employer.

The full results can be found here:

-->swiss developer survey 2019

Or you can click here for a brief summary:

-- Summary: swiss developer survey 2019

Hosted in Switzerland

We launched our combined label – swiss made software + hosted in switzerland – one year ago. The trend towards cloud-hosted technologies and the rollout of GDPR have hammered home the importance of where our data is hosted. That’s why we decided to introduce a corresponding label to reflect this.

The idea was exceptionally well received: More than 100 companies quickly adopted the new label and we received extremely positive feedback – including the suggestion to offer hosted in switzerland as a separate logo option.

We’ll be launching this shortly. Of course, the label is only worthwhile if there are real consequences when it is misused. In the case of swiss made, we can simply follow the relevant legislation as set out in Swiss law. In the case of hosted in switzerland, we’re finding our own solution. For this reason, we’ve been working with a team of lawyers – Ronzani Schlauri – to draw up a contract. Everyone wishing to use the label will in future have to sign this agreement.

We submitted the document to the swiss made community for review (now closed) and are currently in the process of implementing your feedback. The new label will be launched at the beginning of April.

Improved product and service search system

We improved the system for searching for products and services in 2019. All of the available search options can now be accessed directly from within the updated online map of Switzerland. This makes it easier to navigate the site while minimizing the risk of information overload. Interested parties can find the products or services they need faster than ever before.

Another new option here is the ability to filter cloud services based on their hosting location (within Switzerland/abroad). We introduced this criterion in the backend system to allow us to start collecting this data when adding new products some time ago, which has allowed us to go live with data right away.

The new map can be found here.


  • 4th Export Event: Der Schritt ins Ausland (‘Going international’ – in German) – exchanging experiences (United States, Eastern Europe, Germany) in November
  • Thanks to our numerous event partnerships, we were able to grant Level 2 members favorable access to a number of events, including: Voxxed Days, Upfront Thinking, re.formation, Focus on Future, Product Management Festival, Ada Lovelace Satellite Switzerland, and more.

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