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Improved search functionality for products & services

Friday 26.04.2019

We are happy to announce a major update of the search function for products and services. The new version of our webmap integrates all search criteria directly and bundles them into a single application. This does not only simplify website navigation but allows third parties to look for interesting offers in only one location.

Additionally, a new feature here is the option to filter by hosting location (Switzerland or abroad). This criterium was added for all products in the backend some time ago.

To do:

  • Please check if your company, products and services are displayed properly (categories, hosting, postcode). This is also an excellent opportunity for an update. The filter displays products alphabetically by default but can be set to sort by order of the latest updates.
  • If you are offering internships or the opportunity to do a thesis at your company please check if the contact information is up to date.

The new webmap can be found here.

All changes can be executed via the backend using your login.

We are eager for your feedback.