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New logo version - hosted in Switzerland

Tuesday 04.09.2018

Where is data stored? Where is the service hosted? These questions are becoming increasingly significant. The ongoing scandals surrounding Facebook and its peers, as well as the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), bear strong testimony to this.

In response to this interest, swiss made software has launched a new version of the logo. This logo allows our members to show that they are not only Swiss-made, but that their products and services are hosted in Switzerland, too. This new version is available for dowload now in the adiministrative interface.

Starting now, it is also possible to add hosting information to the information stored on all products and services listed with swiss made software (e.g. ‘abroad’, ‘in Switzerland’, or ‘hosting in Switzerland available’). This new option can be found in the administrative interface for each product.

The same conditions apply to the use of the new logo as the traditional version*. The new logo will help you to stand out from the competition while simultaneously making two important statements: Swiss-made and hosted in Switzerland

*Important: This refers to the use of the graphic and not the claim of being ‘Swiss-made’ as it is enshrined in law.