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Swiss fintech & more - swiss made software Annual Review 2016

Tuesday 28.02.2017

We are delighted to share our 2016 Annual Review with you today. Last year was an unprecedented success. The events detailed below illustrate what an impressive year it has been. We seek to build on this in 2017. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our members and partners for the successful collaboration over the past year. None of what we have achieved would have been possible without your support.

swiss made software reached a new milestone in 2016. More than 400 companies are now using the swiss made label, with more than 470 products and services listed on

At the same time, our fintech book captured the spirit of the times and made an important contribution to the discussion in this rapidly evolving field.


400+ members milestone

New rules came into force at swiss made software in early 2016. Until January 1, 2016, companies that met the conditions were still able to use the logo free of charge. This changed at the start of the year. We explained the reasons for this in detail in advance. We waited with anticipation to see how many companies would take advantage of the new offering. Our expectations were far exceeded when more than 140 signed up. In parallel, the number of level 2 members increased to 255. There were 245 in the year before.


Fintech publication

The enormous momentum in the fintech segment is unlikely to have escaped anyone’s notice. We were delighted to capture the spirit of the time with the fifth book in our series. Together with our partners, we distributed the fintech book both nationally and internationally. Members of the Swiss parliament were among the recipients of the book.




In the media

  • Our media partnerSwiss IT Magazine, worked with us to produce a market overview consisting of swiss made software companies.
  • Interviews from our fifth book, vol. 5 – Fintech were published on (Adrian BultEnrico LardelliFINMA).
  • At the same time, we continued the  swiss made software series published in Swiss IT Magazine. An article on fintech was also published here.

Our label’s activities were also mentioned in various places (12).


Online survey and workshops

Finally, we asked our members for their opinions on how swiss made software should develop, to help us plan our next steps. We held a series of workshops based on an online survey. The results are still being processed, but these will have a major influence on the strategic direction of swiss made software. We will provide detailed information on this topic very soon, and there will also be a new product. The details will follow in the coming days. We are also working with Switzerland Global Enterprise to hold another export event – this will be the third of its kind.