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Next gen support: CROWDFUNDING Call - a Home for ICT Scouts & Campus

Thursday 13.10.2016

ICT Scouts & Campus is a pilot project in north-western Switzerland for a new, systematic ICT talent recruting model in which all ICT talents and only the talents are identified and promoted.

Women are the key to solving the ICT skills shortage. But that’s not the only reason why 50% of the kids at the ICT Campus are girls. It is that girls account for 50% of all the students our scouts encounter at the public middle schools when they show up there… simple as that!

ICT Campus is FREE, and we intend to keep it that way.

By the end of the school year, about 100 kids, whom we scouted at the public middle schools (secondary level I) in BS and BL, will be awaiting a home.

Help ICT Scouts & Campus to a home with a small donation. Make a statement of support of this innovative way to solve the ICT skills shortage issue.


Donors will be invited to the opening celebration in Muttenz.