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We believe it’s time to move into a new era, the era of the Internet of Trust.

We are a Swiss company specialised in the development of blockchain applications since 2015.

Thanks to our institutional partnerships, we have more than 100 clients from banks, governments and asset managers.

With a suite of Web 3.0. software, our mission is to guarantee the protection of personal and professional data thanks to the most advanced encryption solutions, and secure and decentralized data sharing on the blockchain.

Mr. Vincent Pignon | CEO

Av. de Sécheron 15
1202 Geneva


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Products & Services

Wecan Comply Software enabled Business show product detailhide product detail

Wecan Comply dramatically saves time and money by simplifying the compliance process between banks and external asset managers.

What can you do with Wecan Comply?

- Standardization:
All your information/documents and documents standardized and easily accessible through a unique platform.
- Secured:
A very secured, encrypted and closed network with no central administrator of the data. The immutability of modifications is guaranteed.
- Quality:
A unique set of data is maintained by the EAM and shared to its custodian banks based on their compliance needs.
- Real time:
Auditability of modifications and real time compliance status are accessible at any time thanks to a private blockchain network.
available in Switzerland

Wecan Connect Software enabled Business show product detailhide product detail

Exchange of data and documents made immutable and authentic.

What can you do with Wecan Connect?

- Strong authentication:
Your contacts are identified with advanced method.

- Close network:
Verified companies are available.

- Secret exchanges:
Only you or your team can see your messages.

- Immutability of messages:
View the entire certified history of your exchanges.
available in Switzerland

Wecan Chain Product & Cloud Service show product detailhide product detail

Web 3.0 smart storage infrastructure
An encrypted private blockchain optimised for storing data

What is Wecan Chain?
- Distributed proprietary private blockchain
- Optimised for storing and chaining events and transactions in near real-time.
- End to end encryption: every piece of data is encrypted in flight and at rest using keys which only end-users possess. Neither Wecan or infrastructure providers can make sense of stored data.
- Client applications can interact via dedicated UI (eg: Wecan Connect) or integrate via a modern API. In both scenarii, transactions are encrypted end-to-end.
- A built-in layer 2 technology allows anchoring on public blockchains for providing the highest level of trust when required.
- It is the technological foundation of Wecan Connect & Wecan Comply.
- (Soon) Powered by a utility token, the Wecan Token (WCT).
available in Switzerland