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Our mission is to enhance global animal welfare in scientific animal studies and veterinary medicine. We aim to create a safe environment by monitoring animals with utmost care. We do that by striving to measure and collect vital signs data constantly with minimal distress for animals.

Animal studies still are indispensable. Scientists carry the responsibility to ensure that high ethical and scientific standards in research are met. By using MARTA the concepts of Culture of Care and the 3Rs in daily research can thrive.

The name Vigilitech derives from the Latin word vigil meaning awake. Its meaning includes the idea of staying alert to observe something. Vigilitech stands for novel technologies in animal monitoring of vital signs.

Herr Dr. Marc Zünd | Co-founder & CEO

Im Stöckli 12
9410 Heiden

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Until now, there have been no sensitive and accurate technologies in the field of animal monitoring that fully met the mandatory legal regulations and guidelines for animal welfare.

MARTA-Pad is an excellent choice for animal monitoring of vital signs in animal science. Vital signs such as heart and respiration rate are continuously monitored without contact, and animals' temperature is regulated during all steps of your animal studies.

With MARTA-App you no longer need to record vital signs periodically and manually. You can start visualizing, collecting, saving, and exporting monitoring data within seconds. A virtual assistant reports anomalies with an alarm signal. This allows you to recognize animals' distress better and to improve the animals' wellbeing.

MARTA opens doors to new research possibilities and contributes to novel knowledge in animal science.
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