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umana is closely interwoven with a group of Swiss doctor's offices and pharmacies and is developed in close cooperation with them. In this way, we want to ensure that our products precisely meet the needs of our target group, the Swiss primary care.

Originating from a small passion project, we have attempted our first steps in appointment booking, but are now growing into a certified Chronic Care medical product.

Bahnhofstrasse 33
4950 Huttwil

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Contact: Mirco Bazzani

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umana accompanies you through your day, provides you with an overview of your health, organizes your values and motivates you to lead a healthy life. Sound like a lot of options? Share your record with a health professional or friends to help you on your way to a fitter lifestyle.

Get reminded of important activities by creating routines: exercise once a week? Brushing your teeth twice a day? Checking your blood pressure and blood sugar every day? By analyzing your routines, umana motivates you to live a better lifestyle.

Through a graphical overview of your health values and their changes, it is possible to recognize fluctuations at a glance.

A secure central collection point makes it easy to keep track of your health values, documents, diagnoses and medications. With umana, you have all the documents you need for a visit to the doctor right at your fingertips - from a digital scan of your vaccination booklet to a list of medications.
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