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Since 2018, STREETS empowers the digital evolution for real estate stakeholders by providing a Real Estate Portfolio Management System, based on state-of-the-art technology. We support asset owners, asset managers, property managers and their stakeholders in the real estate industry to collect, analyse and control all their real estate asset data. Uniting around a single source of data, STREETS enables our clients to focus their time on strategic decision-making and maximizing asset performance.

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A Real Estate Portfolio Management System enables the real estate actors to eliminate manual processes, leverage better insights through analytics data, and improve returns by focusing on long-term strategies. Don’t rely on antiquated software systems, spreadsheets and manual processes to manage your assets.

With STREETS improve your assets visibility, refine data-driven strategic decisions and decreased your portfolio risks.

- Create insightful report
- Hack your growth
- Develop your portfolio
- Gain control of your data
- Improve data integrity
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  • Monday 12.09.2016

    Agile integrations

    Crossing-Tech draws on expertise in finance, real estate, IT and other industries to support the interconnection of diverse systems. Either independently or in cooperation with partners, Crossing-Tech optimizes integration while leaving business processes intact. Christian Walter