SportsNow GmbH

SportsNow offers a complete solution for studios in the sports, exercise, fitness and health industries. The software developed by us reduces the administrative effort and offers a lot of comfort for you, your team and your customers. For optimal interfaces we work together with partners from different industries and offer you different offers, which can be adapted to your needs with our Add-On System. The heart of our solution is an online booking system with membership management and mobile app. Our pricing model is fair and modern: monthly and without cancellation period.


Effingerstrasse 4
3011 Bern


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We offer individual upgrades.
If you want to convince yourself of the advantages - there is a free trial.
SportsNow offers an online booking system with member management and mobile app. The solution reduces administrative overhead for studios and creates more comfort for their clients.
The pricing model is fair and modern: monthly with no notice period - just like Netflix.
Android, iOS, Web
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), General E-Commerce, General Office Automation, General Content Management, General Enterprise Ressource Planning (ERP)