Spitch AG

Spitch AG is an international solutions and professional services provider developing enterprise class speech analytics technology for business. It is the only speech technology provider focusing on Swiss languages - including Swiss German.

Spitch AG positions their solutions as high-accuracy, advanced, modular, scalable, Swiss-made tools for business improvement in the area of speech analytics. This area is currently experiencing rapid growth due to recent breakthroughs in machine learning science, which have helped pave the way for dramatically more accurate SLT applications.

The Spitch AG has over 50 years combined experience in R&D for Spoken Language Technologies (SLT), including Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Text-to-Speech synthesis (TTS), and Information Retrieval (IR).

Mr. Stephan Fehlmann | Business Development Manager

Kreuzstrasse 54
8008 Zürich

Tel +41 44 542 82 66