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Recapp is an Idiap spin-off founded in 2014 and has the aim and the potential to become one of the leading providers for automatic multilingual speech and speaker recognition. Recapp's technology has been recognized as one of the most innovative ways to solve the challenge of efficiently build Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) systems that quickly adapt to new dialects, languages and speakers and was awarded with the European Language Technology-Innovate Award 2015.
Recapp is a leading provider for automated political protocol generation and used to processes multilingual (French/German) political debates. Recapp's technology understands multilingual (French/German/Italian/English) and even Swiss German dialect voice commands and is used by a leading Swiss TV provider.

Herr Dr. David Imseng | CEO

Rue marconi 19
1920 Martigny

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Contact: Dr. David Imseng
Tel +41 27 721 7776


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You speak – we write

Recapp transcribes multilingual conversations. The award-winning technology facilitates time-consuming protocol generations and makes multimedia content searchable by speaker topic and keyword.

You speak – we format

Punctuation and formatting is usually not spoken. Recapp’s technology automatically generates punctuation and formats your text.

You speak – we also understand dialect

Recapp is already able to understand voice search queries in Swiss German dialects and we are working very hard towards generating formatted Standard German text based on dialect discussions.

Cloud or no cloud – your decision

Our standalone version works offline and allows to record meetings or discussions with any microphone. The automatic speech recognition runs in the cloud or in-house.
C++, Python, NodeJS, AngularJS, ElasticSearch, NoSQL
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