International Capital Management introduces Profidata’s e-AMIS

Thursday 10.10.2013

International Capital Management AG (ICM), based in Liechtenstein, will implement the e-AMIS asset management and information system for their wealth management business.

ICM individually manages the assets of private and institutional customers. One decisive factor in favour of e-AMIS was the optimal support it offers in terms of the multi-dimensional and inter-disciplinary investment process and the growth strategy of ICM.

e-AMIS will be used by ICM primarily for position keeping of portfolios with own and third-party funds, structured products and individual wealth management services. The e-AMIS software is characterised by its integrated look-through functionality which ensures sufficient security diversification in the customer portfolios thereby avoiding risk concentration. It is also essential for monitoring the respective investment degree to import the ICM customer portfolios managed in the different custodians into the system. In addition to monitoring, global portfolio rebalancings, based on complex distribution algorithms, are executed in the e-AMIS position analysis, followed by automatic generation of market orders per custodian bank.

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