PvB Pernet von Ballmoos AG won over by XENTIS cloud from Profidata

Friday 29.01.2016

PvB Pernet von Ballmoos AG (PvB) is using the XENTIS cloud (Xcloud) service from the Profidata Group (Profidata). Hence another highly regarded Swiss fund management company now relies on the XENTIS investment management system for its fund administration.

PvB specialises in the structuring and administration of regulated investment vehicles and the support of institutional asset management mandates, and uses XENTIS for automated processing of all investment and fund business. Besides order management, reconciliation of holdings with custodian banks, and calculation and reporting of net asset values, other important functions include modelling of complex fee models and pre- and post-trade checking of investment compliance with the Collective Investment Schemes Ordinance of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (CISO-FINMA) and the Ordinance on Occupational Retirement, Survivors' and Disability Pension Plans (BVV 2). PvB also applies XENTIS to generate full reporting, including annual and semi-annual reports, SNB statistics, the stamp-duty journal and key investor information documents.

“To allow us to focus on our customers’ needs, we require powerful software that supports our fund management activities without us having to operate our own IT infrastructure. Profidata’s Xcloud service meets all these requirements perfectly,” says Philipp Keller, Managing Partner at PvB Pernet von Ballmoos AG.

Peter Klein, a member of Profidata Group’s Executive Board, adds: “Xcloud is fully capable of handling all complex fund management processes at Pernet von Ballmoos. Based on a standardised, best-practice installation, XENTIS can be tailored to meet individual specifications.”


PvB Pernet von Ballmoos AG, Zurich

PvB Pernet von Ballmoos AG is a fund management company regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and is owned by the managing partners. We are a 15-strong team specialising in the structuring and administration of regulated investment vehicles in Switzerland and the servicing of institutional mandates. Our offices are located in Zurich and Geneva.

For more information visit www.pvbswiss.com.


Profidata Group

Profidata Group, founded in 1985 in Switzerland, develops investment and wealth management software for the financial services industry and offers extensive services around the software products XENTIS and e-AMIS. Its headquarters are located in Zurich. The company has subsidiaries and representative offices in Vaduz, Frankfurt/Main, Saarbrucken, Luxembourg, London and Singapore.

Xcloud is a hosted alternative for financial service providers wishing to realise the potential of this service for managing assets based on the XENTIS platform.

For more information visit www.profidatagroup.com.

Please address inquiries regarding this press release to Dr. Frank Jenner, Management Board, Profidata Group, In der Luberzen 40, 8902 Urdorf, Switzerland, phone +41 44 736 47 47, frank.jenner@profidatagroup.com.

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