Rianta Capital opts for e-AMIS from Profidata

Wednesday 15.04.2015

Rianta Capital Zurich AG (Rianta Capital), an international Single Family Office with branches in Zurich and London, has decided to implement e-AMIS from the Profidata Group (Profidata) as its central asset management tool. Key reasons for choosing Rianta Capital included the possibility of modelling complex ownership ratios and the sophisticated reporting functionalities offered by e-AMIS.

Rianta Capital faces the challenge of having to send periodic consolidated reports to clients detailing assets held at over 80 holding companies and various banks.

e-AMIS offers the precise resources needed to handle this task, presenting complex participation structures based on a hierarchical arrangement of portfolios, analysing or consolidating the assets at every stage. Different positions held with subordinated holding companies can be assigned to a single family member, whose entire assets can be pooled at any level of the portfolio hierarchy. In this way it is possible to present the consolidated asset allocation, measure performance including performance attribution, and calculate the value-at-risk at all levels.

Using e-AMIS, it should also be possible to import all entries from the connected booking centres in the UK automatically via electronic interfaces. Standardised reporting is supplemented by individual reporting modules geared to the needs of Rianta Capital. Finally, the increased level of automation will greatly reduce the effort needed to generate periodic reports.

“The modelling of complex ownership structures and consolidated reporting are essential to the implementation of our business model. We are confident that e-AMIS will fully satisfy both requirements. We are also hopeful that e-AMIS will take care of many tasks that we had to perform manually in the past. The implementation project is running within the parameters defined by Rianta Capital and so is fully living up to our expectations,” says Claudius Gutemann, Head Controlling & Reporting at Rianta Capital Zurich AG, well impressed to date by e-AMIS and Profidata.

“The asset management processes of Family Offices impose complex requirements which can only be met with flexible and adaptable software. By opting for e-AMIS, Rianta Capital has chosen the right solution for automating work processes and handling day-to-day business more efficiently,” agrees Christian Widmer, CEO and Chairman of the Profidata Group, adding: “Profidata is a committed business partner that offers Rianta Capital and all its other customers the very best service.”

Rianta Capital Zurich AG, Zurich

Rianta Capital is a single Family Office based in Zurich with offices in the United Kingdom, providing investment advice and management support to the trusts and investment companies associated with the Principal Family Trusts. The Principal Family originates from India and is now in its 5th generation in the UK. The family wealth derives predominantly from a global fashion retail business founded in the 1960s. The family trusts have a diverse range of investments across a number of asset classes, sectors, geographies and currencies. The origin of the Family Office dates back to 1996, when it was set up to serve the family’s interests and provide Wealth Management, Tax, Legal and Family Services. It currently employs a team of approximately 35 employees based in Switzerland and the UK who provide these services.

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