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Improved render quality in the healthcare industry with the 3-Heights™ PDF to Image Converter

Wednesday 16.11.2016


The modern image and diagnostic report management system JiveX was developed by VISUS for all fields of medicine. It has evolved from a picture archiving and communication system for radiological images into a medical archive for all clinically relevant documents and images.

The ability to display documents such as diagnostic and discharge reports in PDF format is becoming increasingly important. The free libraries that were used in the past for rendering were unable to meet the ever-increasing requirements in terms of detail and image fidelity.

Integrating the 3-Heights™ PDF to Image Converter from PDF Tools AG has improved the render quality of images in JiveX considerably.

Content of PDF documents that was not previously rendered (or only inadequately) is now displayed correctly after switching to the new rendering engine. This has vastly improved the legibility of all documents. A warning sent to the medical staff in the case of rendering problems increases patient safety even further.

What is the PDF to PDF/A Converter?

The 3-Heights™ PDF to PDF/A Converter is a component for converting PDF documents into the PDF/A format for long-term archiving.
The tool analyzes and converts the input document, applying a digital signature where required. This component is both robust and scalable, making it suitable for integration in various processes such as standardization, quality assurance and archive migration

Where is the PDF to PDF/A Converter being used?

Incoming mail

All incoming PDF documents can be converted directly to PDF/A for long-term archiving. Documents that cannot be converted can be rejected as soon as they are received by email. This increases process quality and reduces the need for subsequent quality controls.


The converter processes documents from all corporate business areas during archiving. It quickly and easily converts documents worthy of retention into PDF/A and verifies conformity of the result with the ISO standard. It therefore acts as a gatekeeper, ensuring that only compliant files find their way into business processes or a long-term archive.

Other areas of use

  • Standardization
  • Quality assurance
  • Compliance with legal requirements

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