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MindMaze is a neurotechnology company committed to enhancing the quality of life of individuals with brain and spinal cord injuries. MindMaze combines advanced brain monitoring technology with interactive 3D environments to develop the next generation of medical devices for a wide spectrum of neurological disorders.

Dr. Tej Tadi | CEO

Ch. de Roseneck 5
1006 Lausanne

Tel 0041 (0)21 552 0801

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MindMotionPRO is the first interactive hospital-based solution for upper limb motor rehabilitation. Virtual reality based exercises combined with accurate diagnostics enable tailored interactive sessions to engage patients and maximize training from the early phases. While still in bed, patients are able to interact with their virtual avatar through a series of exercises designed to match their abilities and needs. Measurement of patient performance through movement, brain and muscle patterns provides objective data for physicians and therapists to create effective treatment plans