Swiss "Desktop-as-a-Service" (DaaS) solution for SMBs which wants to grow their business and need to rely on a professional cloud partner.
We are providing high-end technologies and making them available for everyone.
SaaS, IaaS, Mobility, flexibility, BYOD and security are no longer reserved for large companies.

With our solutions, you can host all your IT needs into our datacenters and access its securely, easily wherever you are located.

KissLabs SARL, Renaud Lassablière | CEO

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Products & Services

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We offer a DaaS (virtual desktops) dedicated to small and medium business which need same level of exigences and functionnalities as large companies. We built our platform on proven technologies delivered by known and recognized partners like VMware, Microsoft or Citrix.

We are focused on the user experience and also strongly believe on the model Pay As you Grow. With a fixed monthly price by employee, your IT expenses are easy to forecast and we think that it could be a winning financial strategy for your business.

Our customers can focus on their core businesses. We are taking care of their IT strategy to keep it in line with their business needs.

All of our platform is maintain to be up to date (software and hardware) after a large amount of testing. Let us worry about it !

All your data are daily backuped. All the servers are redundants. Your Recovery Plan is only to have a device that works. Easy, no ?
Windows servers, Citrix VDA, DaaS
in Switzerland

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KissFile is a secure data sync and sharing service based on Citrix Files that allows you to mobilize all your enterprise data and empower your user productivity anywhere. Unlike others file sync and sharing tools like dropbox, onedrive or google drive, we can guarantee you that your data will not be anywhere else than our datacenter, in Switzerland in our storage system.

You can also choose to keep your data in your existing infrastructure, or choose a mix between on premise and KissLabs datacenter.

With the KissFile system, you can access to your corporate data on every equipment you want : desktop, laptop, tablet, phone, windows, linux, mac, android, ios.

All access between you and yours data are encrypted by AES 256. We are also offering an optional two-factor authentication.

You can immediately & securely access to your corporate data even if you are not connected to internet all the time. Great tool when you're a globe trotter.
Citrix Files
in Switzerland

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Backuping your company data could be trickiest than you thought. Third of businesses undergoing a serious data loss never recover and definitively closes. These are simple questions you could ask to yourself :

My backup solution is suitable for my company?
My data are protected at the right schedule?
My backups contain all data that are important to me?
Am I able to use my backup to completely rebuild my infrastructure?
How long does it take to restore all of my services?
What is the impact on my business if my IT services are unavailable ?
What are your processes to check the validity of your backups ?

KissBackup meets and provides simple and reassuring answers to these questions. Based on Veeam High Availability technology, our swiss platform Disaster-Recovery-Plan-As-A-Service offers many possibilities to meet all the backup challenges and issues.
Backup, DRP, Veeam Backup, Veeam Cloud Gateway
in Switzerland