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Industry solution VOLTA is certified according to IfA18

Friday 24.05.2019

IfA18 is in place since January 2018. The IfA - information for application - is meant for software manufacturer developing and offering applications for the CRB standards and interfaces for data exchange based on those. The guideline describes the processes and conditions as well as the system, data access, minimum requirements and data exchange with the CRB standards. The described provisions are binding.

The CRB standards are based on consistent systematics. It supports the communication between the participating actors, the secure exchange of data and an efficient construction administration. The guideline needed some redesign and enlargement due to the technical possibilities given today. As a result, also the exchange of data using the file format SIA 451 needed some adjustments.

At the end of 2018, the cloud-based industry solution VOLTA was one of the first applications to be certified. Thus, it enables user to access the CRB standards that are provided in a centralized database on the internet as of August 2019.

VOLTA simplifies and optimizes all procedures from opening a project to generating quotes up to issuing of an invoice. With the mobile solution VOLTA mobile, service reports may be created directly at the place of work and transferred to the main application for immediate invoicing.

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