Automated document processing meeting the highest demands

Tuesday 23.01.2024

Electronic documents such as orders, delivery slips or invoices are the predominant format for exchanging data in B2B. However, these documents are not ideal for machine processing, making automation significantly more difficult. Nevertheless, aiming for automation here offers enormous cost savings thanks to faster, more efficient and less error-prone processes.

Our customer CVS engineering GmbH from Rheinfelden (Germany) also recognized this potential. CVS produces compressors and vacuum pumps for vehicle applications (mainly in trucks and trains) and sells them worldwide. The company receives about 10,000 order confirmations and invoices per year from its suppliers. And the numbers are rising.

A suitable software solution should automatically read the relevant data from each incoming document and compare it with the ERP data, alert employees about any deviations (e.g. concerning quantity, price or delivery date) or data errors, and offer them the possibility to control and correct these data in the ERP. Incoming invoices and order confirmations should then be archived fully automatically in the DMS (SharePoint) with a link to their DMS location in the respective ERP records.

Together with CVS, we engineered a custom software solution based on our AI platform HIBU to fully automate two of their workflows (invoice and order workflow). Employees profit from the solution as some of their daily tasks become much easier, faster and less monotonous, whilst the company already benefits from massive savings and can free its knowledge workers for more challenging tasks.

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