carbonfuture: A focus on user and planet earth

Monday 15.06.2020

Your CO2 footprint! Greenhouse gases! Climate change! These topics are omnipresent in our daily life and people are very conscious about reducing their CO2 footprint and compensating for their CO2 usage. But the reduction is not enough. Additional removal of atmospheric carbon is paramount. We must actively remove CO2 from the atmosphere and store it sustainably to contain global warming. But how should we do this? And what is the contribution of Karakun?

The German startup company carbonfuture GmbH aims at removing CO2 from the atmosphere, in particular at the storage of CO2 using so-called carbon sinks. The company plans to establish a centralized, trustworthy and reliable trading platform for all relevant stakeholders with a strong focus on security and transparency. In this project, Karakun as a technology partner for carbonfuture was faced with three major challenges.

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