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Karakun AG presents new board of directors

Thursday 27.06.2019

The shareholds of Karakun AG elected René Stierli, founding member of itopia, and Luc Haldimann, CEO of Unblu Inc, as new members of the board of directors whereby René Stierli will function as chairman. Other members are Karakun founding partner Dr. Elisabeth Maier (CEO), Dr. Dirk Krampe (CFO) and Christian Ribeaud.


René Stierli and Luc Haldimann are well-known personalities in the Swiss IT market. Both have thorough industry knowledge and a profound background in IT strategy development and governance.

René Stierli has many years of experience as consultant and manager in an internationally leading IT company. He managed numerous large-scale projects in the banking industry and dealt with topics like turnaround management and project assessments. The graduated IT engineer was founding partner of itopia ag in 1999 where he also acted as managing partner form 2006 to 2018.

Luc Haldimann is co-founder and CEO of Unblu Inc. The Swiss based company was established in 2008 and helps the world's leading banks and insurance companies to improve customer experience and boost transactions. Furthermore, Luc Haldimann ist board member of SwissICT. In 2008, he was founder of the label Swiss Made Software which is dedicated to promoting the Swiss software industry, both at home and abroad.

«Together with René and Luc, we improve our network in industries important to us. Both have excellent knowledge in founding, developing and leading successful companies» says Dr. Elisabeth Maier, CEO of Karakun. «Their expertise in the area of demanding software solutions and products will support us in enhancing our service offering and expanding our customer portfolio.»

The previous member Dr. Christian Hochstrasser leaves the board of directors as planned. As the new secretary of the board he stays committed to Karakun.

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