Goodbye Java Web Start, Hello OpenWebStart! 

Monday 18.11.2019

Since Oracle has deprecated Java Web Start, developers have been looking for a suitable replacement. We at Karakun - together with our awesome sponsors! - gathered your requirements and have created OpenWebStart. Today, V1.0 has been released.

The Past Year's Work
OpenWebStart implements all the important features of Java Web Start and it is able to handle any typical JWS-based application. We offer:

  • JNLP Java API
  • Security features
  • JVM Manager
  • Installer and updater
  • Shell support
  • Property file and parameter support
  • File extension registration

Visit our homepage for the technical details, and check out the detailed list of all features that we support. 

But enough talk — we’re here to see OpenWebStart in action! Download an installer for your operating system from, and try it today.

The Future... (a.k.a. our support plans)
Java and your operating system get updates, and so does OpenWebStart. We always have your back with current developments: talk to us about a support subscription.

Questions? Write us at, contact us via Twitter (@karakun), or visit

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