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The company GEOIDEE is specialized in the realization of software, database and measurement solutions in the 3D acquisition of geological structures. Such solutions are used in various applications such as tunneling (conventional blasting and mechanized tunneling with tunnel boring machines) or the detection of natural hazards such as rockfall. Most of these solutions work with sensors that are in motion. The know-how for the acquisition of geographic data with sensors in motion is also used in other projects such as the surveying of aviation obstacles.

Herr Yvo Weidmann

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RopeTracker Services & Consulting show product detailhide product detail

The RopeTracker is a device that can be mounted on very thin suspension ropes and ropeways. The RopeTracker is operated by one person with a remote control. During the ride, the RopeTracker registers the entire course of the rope in all three spatial dimensions.
The data thus recorded is used for the detection of aerial obstacles. This data is relevant information for helicopter pilots, especially in mountainous regions.
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MovingSensors Services & Consulting show product detailhide product detail

MovingSensors was developed for measuring the illuminance of very large areas (for example airports). The methodology and hardware MovingSensors allows to measure the illuminance with very high temporal and spatial resolution. With an average movement speed of about 2m/s, large areas can be covered and measured in a short time.
Due to the fast measurement speed, the time in which, for example, areas on an airfield have to be closed is drastically reduced.
After the measurement runs, the data is evaluated in a spatial context and made available to the customer.
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TBMFaceCapture Services & Consulting show product detailhide product detail

The TBMFaceCapture product was developed exclusively for Implenia-Tunneling. The device, mounted in the boring head of a tunnel boring machine, captures the face milled out by the tunnel boring machine with a large number of photographs.
The individual photographs are converted into an absolutely geo-referenced 3D model after they have been taken.
The calculated 3D model is then used by the geologists to reconstruct the structure of the face and the geology.
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  • Wednesday 22.03.2023

    Wenn sich Sensoren bewegen

    Für Helikopterpiloten sind frei schwebende Kabel lebensgefährlich, da sie kaum gesehen werden können. Ihre präzise 3D-Vermessung war bisher kaum möglich, doch mit dem Ropetracker steht nun eine Lösung bereit. Christian Walter Geodata / Geospatial Analytics