Letsboot.ch: Doubling Trainers and Courses

Wednesday 29.03.2023
Letsboot.ch - Trainer Team Letsboot.ch - Trainer Team

Letsboot.ch kicks off a fantastic year with currently 16 trainers and more reinforcements in the pipeline. Not only is the team doubling, but so are the number of topics, public course dates, and in-house training sessions.

The upcoming public courses - all topics can also be booked in-house for your team:

- Cypress.io E2E Testing - April, December

- Angular & TypeScript - April, November

- GitLab CI/CD - June, October

- Kubernetes DevOps - May, August, November

- Microservices with Spring Boot - June

- Clean Architecture with Spring Boot - July

- Vue.js 3 & TypeScript - July

In addition, there are many more topics that can be tailored for teams as in-house training or offered through a waiting list for public courses:

- Akka with Java or Scala

- Executable BPMN in a Spring Boot context

- Ansible 101

- Terraform for AWS, Azure, or GCP

- CKAD Preparation

- VMWare Tanzu

- Kafka for Software Developers

- Keycloak for Software Developers

- Application Integration with Apache Camel

Be inspired by the expanded course offerings and competent trainers! Get concentrated know-how, motivation, and hands-on practice for your team.

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