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esurance guides SMEs through the "insurance jungle". The entrepreneur can delegate the administration of insurance matters to esurance. Duties are implemented in compliance with the law, and reports and decision-making principles are processed digitally. The entrepreneur retains full control as a decision maker. Visits from insurance agents are becoming redundant with it, because esurance is well connected with all insurance companies. The entrepreneur can grant his trustee access to the portal, and thereby simplifying administrative processes. This not only reduces the costs of the insurance, but also that of the trustee. Finally, even smaller SMEs can access a brokerage solution with special conditions (Rahmenverträge).

Herr Giles Magnin | CPO

Heinrichstrasse 269
8005 Zürich

Tel 0443303030

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BROKERAGE 2.0 - DEIN VERSICHERUNGSGUIDE Product & Cloud Service show product detailhide product detail

Free. esurance generates its revenue with the Brokerage paid by the insurance companies. We believe in total transparency, therefore these brokerage fees are entirely disclosed to you
Do you trust yourself to have thought of everything? Are you sure you won't miss the small details that matters? Fail to fulfill your legal obligations? Confident you won't be comparing apples to oranges? We think you should focus on your core business and delegate the administration of all of your insurance needs to us. We are Independent. Transparent. Connected.

- Online insurance cockpit
- Consulting from experts
- Sales and payroll reports
- Coordination of adaptations linked to employees
- Comparisons of coverages and offers
- Assistance in the event of a claim
- Periodical premium optimization
- Digital Risk Management
- Supervision/Overview of your invoices
- Notifications in case of legal changes

on average you will save 26 hours of administrative effort per year
which means more time for your customers

after their first optimization, companies on average pay 19.2% less in Premiums which represents an average saving of CHF 9,500 per year

esurance is part of the ASSEPRO Group, one of the leading brokers in Switzerland. This allows us to offer negotiated offers for SMEs

esurance as an Add'on : accountants/trustees/fiduciaries can easily access all policies online. This saves time and money

Independence also means full transparency. Brokerage & commissions are fully disclosed

Protecting your personal details while providing full digital access to your insurance information, anywhere, 24/7
Accounting , Insurance, Risk Management, General Business Processes, Business Process Management

ESURANCE ADDON - B2B2B KOOPERATIONEN Software enabled Business show product detailhide product detail

The esurance service is free for businesses. The price for a household is CHF 99.00 per year (cancellable at any time). All Brokerage paid out by the insurance companies are completely disclosed to the user.
esurance connects SMEs, insurance companies and business application providers. Our moto is : all insurance under one roof in an SME relevant application. Without sacrificing personal support. Leveraging technology, analogue processes become digital and dramatically reduce the administration effort. The decision maker benefits from more transparency, order and control over his insurance.
In an insurance cockpit, the entrepreneur has access to all of the relevant information.

As of Q1 2018, Sage users using esurance will be able to connect the two applications. The combination of the two services enables an overall overview and a faster processing of the accounting and payrolling. Digital information exchange reduces administrative costs.
Accounting , E-Banking , Insurance, General Office Automation, Risk Management