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datalevel provides financial institutions and partners, Fin- and RegTechs with tailor-made financial information, following an independent, disruptive approach.

Whether in paying, financing or investing, whether legacy or other sources: With datalevel, identical data is used for the most diverse business cases. Backward and forward data views are possible, due to updateable data at any time. Client and asset manager, client advisor, management and other stakeholders thus have identical information at their disposal.

In the tax area, we produce national and international tax documents with our Data Refinery Box according to bank-specific requirements. We now also offer the e-tax statement according to the eCH-standard.

Wolfgang Millat | Co-Founder, CEO

Risistrasse 32
8903 Birmensdorf

Mobile +41 79 239 83 54

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Price factors:
- Initial Service Onboarding
- Periodic service maintenance fee
- Service consumption based pricing

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With the data refinery box, we refine all data - regardless of the format, from various internal and external sources. Functionally self-contained, she interprets and controls, cleans and consolidates existing data. And not on isolated business cases only, but as a link between data, business cases and users.

The data refinery box can be integrated into the software, into the kernel or via existing API. She works in the cloud or in the hybrid approach, according to the "as a service" model, and provides security and transparency thanks to the security layer.

The services and products are generally offered White Labeled.
available in Switzerland