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Bison Schweiz AG is part of fenaco, a cooperative federation with strategic business units in the agriculture, foodstuffs, energy trading and retail fields. For over 30 years, Bison and its workforce of over 300 staff have developed and implemented ERP software solutions for fenaco and other companies, primarily in the DACH region.

Agnes Immersi | Head of Marketing

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The Bison Smart Retail solution offers support to both the wholesale and retail trade and the international commodity trade. Inflexible IT systems and digital standalone solutions are no longer able to cope with the challenges seen in today’s retail sector. These include changing customer behaviour and requirements, increased personnel costs and skills shortages, plus increasing pressure on the branch caused by surplus supply, decreasing margins and disruptive business models. Shorter reaction times, increased flexibility and agile approaches are needed. Only then is a successful digital transformation possible.

The advantages of Bison Smart Retail at a glance:
- Scalable, customised, cost-efficient software solutions
- Modular selection of solutions across the entire value chain
- Seamless integration in the existing IT landscape
- Automation and optimisation of ERP processes
- Omnichannel approach combining the advantages of online and store-based trade
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