FlexBüro: CRM and order processing very individual

Wednesday 17.04.2019

FlexBüro from Bachmann Support is a complete software package for SMEs and self-employed persons. It enables large and small companies to work with individually adaptable software and quickly write quotations, delivery notes and invoices.

One customer has moved, another has not yet paid? For some SMEs this is a great stress, for others an effort of a few minutes. FlexBüro is the name of the software that enables companies to manage their addresses individually and to write Of-ferten, delivery notes and invoices. The advantage of FlexBüro? Customers can concentrate on their core business instead of administration.

As individual as any company

The clever thing about FlexOffice is that the software is customizable. Bruno Bachmann, Managing Director of Bachmann Support explains: "Customers can choose from over 20 modules. Everything is possible, from subscription management to financial accounting integration to order processing for web shops". FlexBüro offers exactly those services that the customer needs.

Additionally FlexBüro offers individual solutions. A customer can integrate his CI/CD and have his own additional functions programmed. Because Bachmann Sup-port developed the software itself, the company can easily implement customer requests.

Hosting on request

Server hardware and software is expensive to purchase. By outsourcing hosting to FlexBüro, SMEs can concentrate on their core business and profit from predictable, low costs. Hosting is available as a local solution or in the cloud - Bachmann Support also takes care of data backup.

FlexBüro is suitable for these industries

Because FlexBüro can be adapted so individually to the needs of each company, the software is suitable for countless industries. "Our customers include service companies as well as foundations and social institutions, but also specialist dealers, craftsmen, agencies and architects," says Bruno Bachmann.

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