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Monday 19.09.2016 Christian Walter
Christian Walter

Christian Walter ist Geschäftsführer und Redaktionsleiter von swiss made software. Bis Ende 2010 arbeitete er als Fachjournalist für das ICT-Magazin Netzwoche, publizierte zuletzt aber auch im Swiss IT Magazin, der Computerworld sowie inside-it.

Bexio is opening up digitalization to even the smallest of companies. The company has also recently entered into a cooperation with banking giant UBS, and now offers full integration into its e-banking system.

Bexio’s management team want to give even the smallest of companies access to professional software.

There are half a million small and micro businesses in Switzerland. Spread across dozens of industries, they have one thing in common: All of them are struggling with their processes, no matter whether those include CRM, invoicing, or accounts. These are often one- or two-man operations, so there is understandably some resistance to investing in expensive standard solutions. That is why Excel is often used. This is where Bexio comes in with its cloud solution. The company offers a number of packages on a subscription basis. The basic setup includes contacts, invoicing, order management and accounting. Additional packages include project management, time tracking, inventory management, and purchase orders. The customer decides which modules are relevant for their business and pays a monthly fee.

The idea is well received: After going independent two years ago, the company was able to win over 4,000 customers. This development is also reflected in the increase in employee numbers from five to 33.

Cooperation with UBS

The company does not wish to rest on its laurels, however. This much is clear from its latest feature – e-banking integration. An exclusive cooperation with UBS was launched at the end of November, which makes it possible to connect e-banking with a Bexio account. The advantages are obvious. Invoices to debtors and from creditors are logged in Bexio and then matched to incoming and outgoing payments in the e-banking system. The e-banking system is thus integrated into the bookkeeping system, eliminating tedious manual checking and granting the customer a constant overview of their company’s financial status.

The connection to other Bexio functions, such as payment reminders, is also useful. If debtors are behind on payments, the reminder process can be automated with just a few clicks.

Acquisition through accountants and bookkeepers

Integration into e-banking systems is the logical step to follow the successful integration of accounting functions at the start of 2015. Bexio was previously only intended for invoices, CRM, and time tracking. Accounting is therefore more than just an additional feature for customers, but an acquisition tool, as Bexio is offered free of charge to accountants and bookkeepers. This means a customer can simply grant their accountant or bookkeeper access, and then they create the annual financial statements using Bexio.

There was noticeable resonance here, too: more than 150 accountants and bookkeepers came on board within just three months. These in turn resulted in further customer growth, as these accountants and bookkeepers recommended Bexio to their own customers in turn as a solution for their daily business.

The next steps are already in the planning stages. The number of integrated banks is set to increase: Credit Suisse, PostFinance, Raiffeisen and Zürcher Kantonalbank have already been announced. Bexio has also recently been made available in French and English, paving the way for further expansion.

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