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using the logo

The use of any of the logos must not give rise to any confusion or danger of being misled. It must be very clear to which product(s) or service(s) the swiss-made software, swiss digital services or swiss hosting labels relate(s).  This is especially important in the case of companies whose products and/or services do not completely meet the Swiss-made criteria, or offer products and/or services that are only partly Swiss-made.

The logo must correspond to the templates provided and its appearance may not be changed. The only permissible variation is a black-and-white version of the same templates.

backlink requirement

The logo must be linked back to the swiss made software homepage from the member’s website using a backlink. If the logo is presented in more than one location, then it is better to only link back to the swiss made software homepage from one central location, as multiple links will be penalized by Google.

the following uses are permitted

  • Digital: website, splash screens in software or apps, mail-signature
  • Print: all forms of marketing materials, trade show stands, clothing, user instructions, packaging