Trust (in) Security

Dienstag 13.11.2018, Restaurant schmatz Basel, Frankfurt Strasse 36, 4142 Münchenstein, 18:10 - 21:00

Increasingly the issue of trust takes centerstage when we talk about digitization. Who can we trust with our data and why? What will our data be used for? These questions lack easy answers, yet they become ever more relevant. Especially since ever more areas of our professional and private lives are being digitized.
Questions of access, identity verification and appropriate use abound. Which technologies and standards are trustworthy? Do we follow the hype or stick to the tried and true? This event aims to give insights into current security challenges and presents innovative solutions for wide-ranging problems. Among the topics are blockchain in security, securing medical data in transmission, managing security risk by privileged actors as well as innovative ideas for comfortable and secure end-user-login.

The event is held in cooperation with and is free of charge. However, registration is compulsory by 12th November 2018.



Door opening


Christian Walter, Managing Partner swiss made software


Blockchain meets Cyber Security
Petra Maria Asprion, Head of Competence Center Cybersecurity / Cyber Resilience, Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW


Easy secure login - while the threats are constantly changing
Claudio Marforio, COO and Cofounder Futurae


Managing Authentication and Access for Different Identities
at Viollier
Sascha Jooss, Business Development, United Security Providers


Saving the admin from themselves via a a fully dedicated, sealed and controlled administrator desktop
Ludovic Albisser, Inside Sales Manager, Systancia


Round-table discussion