Kooperation Product Management Festival 2015

Mittwoch 18.11. – Donnerstag 19.11.2015, ARENA Sihlcity, Zürich, ganztags

The Product Management Festival takes place on the 18th and 19th of November in Zurich. It is a conference which brings to its participants the newest information and innovation in product management from leading experts across the world.

swiss made software members receive a discount of 25%. The promo code is available on request (contact@swissmadesoftware.org).

Main goal is to offer the knowledge and support so they can build better, innovative products. The conference is organized by a board comprised by people with extensive experience in product management from companies like Google, UBS, Adobe, Tecan, Bernina etc. It’s a non profit event and its main purpose is to support the PM community and offer the network and knowledge necessary for it to build better products.

Structure the topics around: Design, Build, Launch, Growth, Market, Strategy.

Speakers include professionels and opinion leaders from Spotify, Xing, Travelex, Moz, Booking and Blockchain.