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    HR & Payroll Outsourcing Service
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    Managing HR & payroll functions can be challenging, but at Novative, we thrive on it. Our proficient team ensures compliance, reliability, & efficiency through collaborative efforts built on transparency, & guaranteed results. We offer the following services: Dependable employer of record (EOR) & HR and payroll services cover the entire employment journey, ensuring compliance with laws & regulations. International company registration. Effortless company setup Why us? Over 600 companies trust us; we proudly serve more than 600 clients in 30+ countries across Europe, the USA, & Africa. Over three decades of expertise: With 30 years of experience overseeing worldwide payroll, we guarantee a secure & efficient payroll service, along with local compliance. Diverse Industry Impact: various multinational clients from diverse industries benefit from our services, spanning hospitality, automotive, retail, & facility management. Real expertise, no call centre: Our payroll & PEO specialists are located in-country across Europe, the USA, & Africa, offering real expertise instead of a generic call centre approach and ensuring your compliance with local laws & regulations.
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