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gewinner 2019

In 2019 the prizes went to the participants below (unless they prefered not to be mentioned by name). We would like to thank them and all the others developers once again for their participation. Without the support of the Swiss developer community, this successfull survey with almost 1000 participants would not have been possible:

  • 3 iPad 2018 9.70"
    • Nicolas Marfurt
    • Raphael Imahorn
    • anonymous
  • 10 Hoodies in featuring the swiss dev Logo
    • Pascal Märki
    • Jürg Danuser
    • anonymous
    • Gzim Xheladini
    • anonymous
    • Etienne Gobeli
    • Christophe Delaloye
    • Raphael Schmid
    • Sebastian Broggi
    • Svenja Löger