swiss made software Annual Review 2019: ten years of swiss made software

Wednesday 20.02.2019

We are pleased to present the 2018 Annual Review. Our 10th anniversary was a resounding success. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank all of you as members and partners for your loyalty over the past year. None of our activities would be possible without this support. This update presents an overview of events of the past year, which we want to build on in 2019.

Best wishes for another successful year!
The swiss made software team

Milestone: 600+ companies

In its anniversary year, swiss made software sustained the growth it had enjoyed in the previous year. For a second year running, 100 new companies came on board, eager to add ‘swiss made’ to their products and services. That means we entered 2019 with more than 600 members, who together advertise more than 700 products and services (level 2 only) on


The swiss made software compendium

We published the swiss made software compendium to celebrate our ten-year anniversary. This book looks back on Switzerland’s past decade as a prime location for software development, while also showing Switzerland’s great standing in IT today. The subline, ‘the first 10 years’, makes it clear we are only at the beginning. The next decade has only just begun.

Articles, interviews, and case studies from the book have also been published on our blog, in the media, and on our partner channels. The book is available here.

Hosted in Switzerland

The introduction of GDPR and the scandals surrounding Facebook and other tech giants led to a spike in questions surrounding hosting and data storage: 'Where is data stored?', 'Where is data processed?', and 'Where is the server located?'. swiss made software responded to this in September by launching a new version of the logo. The new logo allows members to show that they are not only Swiss-made, but that their products and services are hosted in Switzerland, too. Feedback has been positive and many companies are already using the new logo.


  • Future Trends of Software Engineering in June
  • IAMCP Future Trends ICT: Augmented Reality in September
  • Trust (in) Security collaboration with in November
  • Thanks to our numerous event partnerships, we were able to secure favorable access to a number of events for Level 2 members, including: Inside Channels Forum, Swiss Python Summit, Voxxed Days, Upfront Thinking, re.formation, Focus on Future, Jazoon, Product Management Festival, and more.

In the media

Foreign currencies at wholesale rates – partnership with AMNIS Treasury Services

To celebrate our 10th anniversary in 2018, we were able to offer our level 2 members an attractive special deal – foreign currencies at wholesale rates.

Thanks to a partnership with AMNIS Treasury Services, Level 2 members are now able to exchange foreign currencies at the same wholesale rates enjoyed by large companies. As well as this, swiss made software members also receive an exclusive discount on top of the normal rate. This means they can save up to 70 percent of the costs on exchange transactions. Details can be found here.