Crossing-Tech is a swiss software company that assists enterprises in mastering their data and enables them to smoothly manage complex integration of digital channels on top of their existing information system.

Our solutions have been deployed in over 10 countries, in the following areas: bank, finance, healthcare, administration, industry, ICT.

Herr Arnaud GONON | Sales & Marketing Manager

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Connectivity Factory™ is a unique middleware solution that enables a quick integration among several data sources with no impact on targeted applications and data. Connectivity Factory™ makes sure data is distributed across multiple systems and available when and where it’s needed. It turns inconsistent and disparate data into warranted sources of information, providing valuable assets to the business.

In 2016, Crossing-Tech launched a new product named CF for Real Estate: the first integration platform dedicated to Real Estate Portfolio Manager. The Platform aims to standardization of all real estate data exchanges and grants a full access to an integrated ecosystem made of Property Managers, Asset Managers, Fiduciary...
General Integration, General Infrastructure, General Internet of Things (IoT)

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Connectivity Factory™ Inside (CF-Inside™) is a partnership program based on the proven technology Connectivity Factory™. Especially dedicated to Software Providers, the CF-Inside™ program solve the critical and time-consuming problem of data integration during software deployment. Software Providers can thus focus on their core business, increase their technology independence, operational agility and, ultimately, their profitability ratio.
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  • Monday 12.09.2016

    Agile integrations

    Crossing-Tech draws on expertise in finance, real estate, IT and other industries to support the interconnection of diverse systems. Either independently or in cooperation with partners, Crossing-Tech optimizes integration while leaving business processes intact. Christian Walter