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TCG Brazil achieves significant growth with DocProStar® Cloud Services

Thursday 15.05.2014

A little over a year after the launch of its innovative TCG DocProStar® Cloud Services, TCG Brazil has processed more than one million documents via its DocProStar® platform.

TCG’s capture technology is used to process supplier invoices and other field documents through an innovative solution, where customers can scan via browser from multiple locations all over South America into the TCG DocProStar® platform, using TCG’s Cloud Services.


 “The significant growth of TCG DocProStar® Cloud Services in Brazil shows a high customer preference for SAAS (Software as a Service) and Cloud-based service models", Sixto Suñe, CEO TCG Americas (photo) resumes. During the first quarter of 2014, already more than sixty percent of the year’s 2013 total volume has been processed by TCG DocProStar®.

For more information please contact TCG Brazil: info@tcgprocess.com.
CEO TCG Americas

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