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scanmeter automates cyber security assessments, so-called penetration tests, and helps you to detect and mitigate vulnerabilities as early as possible. scanmeter supports you with a cost-efficient, technical cyber security assessment of web applications, systems or source code based on dynamic (DAST) or static (SAST) security testing methods.

scanmeter's target group-oriented reports help decision-makers, security managers and developers to eliminate identified vulnerabilities in a targeted and timely manner and to track ones increase of the security maturity.

Herr Lukas Ruf | Managing Partner

Alfred-Escher-Str. 9
8002 Zürich

Tel +41-44-515-0000

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Together, we are going to fight cyber risk

Starting from basic tools up to groundbreaking features we have created the ultimate platform to support you to fight the increasing risks of the digital age.

Dynamic (DAST) and static (SAST) application security testing methods

Best-of-breed methodology:
Ideal usage and intelligent combination of the best available security testing tools

Cost reduction:
Drastic cost reduction due to maximized automation

Vulnerability management:
Simplified management thanks to comprehensive inventory and historization

Integration possibilities:
Seamless integration into existing business and development processes (CI/CD)

Secure software development:
Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDL) and DevSecOps, everything under one roof

Security assessments at your fingertips

Reports tailored to the addressees in the formats you are familiar with
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