Founded in 1973 in Geneva, with offices in the US and in Asia, RSD develops and sells enterprise-grade software solutions to help Fortune 2000 companies increase their IT efficiency. Built upon 40 years of expertise, innovation and highest standards, RSD’s offerings enable customers to optimize IT assets in an ever more challenging and hybrid world.

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EOS 360
Over the past 40 years, EOS has been, and still is, the flagship name of RSD’s offerings. It is an enterprise-grade distributed mainframe output and report management solution designed speci-fically to meet the challenges of capturing, synthesizing, and delivering actionable information where it’s needed, when it’s needed, and in the required format.

Based on an extensive analysis of customer feedback, and integration with key market dynamics, EOS 360 has been developed to reduce the cost of utilization, increase availability and performance, expedite administration tasks of IT administrators, and improve user access to EOS reports and information.
General Content Management, Output Management System (OMS), General Infrastructure, General Infrastructure

RSD Folders Drive Product & Cloud Service show product detailhide product detail

Folders Drive enables companies to archive and access unlimited volumes of legacy information.

The benefits of the solution are:
- Open: Source and Format of information agnostic
- Easy: One day implementation, cloud based service
- High performance: High speed ingestion rates of large datastream

Folders Drive allows companies to rethink the way they archive documents and output streams.
General Content Management, General Infrastructure, Life Cycle Management