Pryv provides to medtech and connected health projects expertise and custom solutions for medical grade data transmission and decentralised storage.

Pryv empowers real-time and offline mode capabilities, including long-term data history. Built to be interoperable, Pryv enables health and personal data insights by gathering data from many sources: connected services, sensors and devices.

The platform is a repositionary and gateway between different standards. Our infrastructure is designed to be adaptive to many legal environments and policies and can be also installed anywhere (HIPAA certified, ISO27001 in progress).

Pryv proposes an internal ontology for interoperability. We have extensive experience and expertise in selective data transmission.


* Open API, open-source developers tools
* Medical-grade security
* Real-time and offline capabilities
* Long-term data history
* Decentralized infrastructure
* Interoperable platform
* Adaptive to different legal environments

Pryv S.A.

Av. St-Jean 6
1110 Morges


Personal and health logging solutions for businesses Product & Cloud Service show product detailhide product detail

Pilot: 5'000.-
Commercial setup strating at: 30'000.-
The Pryv platform supports your projects with an interoperable and flexible back-end, including medical-grade storage built to fit varying legal environments. We help you find a solution that’s right for you (e.g. white label, shared hosting) and your developers get started in a matter of hours.
General Healthcare, Application Developments Frameworks, Repositories / Databases, Networking

Personal, health and medical data logging services and consulting Services & Consulting show product detailhide product detail

At Pryv we have the expertise and tools to supports projects that need medical-grade storage.
We handle
- certifications
- software development
- service deployment
- data management
- data ownership and secure data transmission
General Healthcare, Application Developments Frameworks

Lifelogging made essential: collect, browse and share your data Product & Cloud Service show product detailhide product detail

A set of services for individuals to collect, manage and share their personal and health data privately and securely. Empowering data continuity between apps, wearables and devices.
Digital Asset Management (DAM)