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ProConcept attaches great importance to customer proximity. Local engineers have designed and developed our ERP solution from the beginning to meet the needs of medium and large businesses, and our system has been implemented hundreds of times by local industry, technology, and process experts.

For nearly 30 years, ProConcept has been recognized as a leader in the Swiss market for the competence and expertise of our consultants, as well as the functional depth of the ERP solution. The close collaboration and continual exchange we have with our customers allows us to continuously improve the ERP solution to meet the specific needs of industrial Swiss businesses.

This level of partnership has fostered the delivery of both industry- and company-specific solutions that deliver a real

Mr Lukas Hofer | Head of Marketing

Le Vélé 2
2605 Sonceboz

Tel +41 58 855 68 69

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Contact: Frau Bibiana Merazzi


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ProConcept is a business management and ERP software system that delivers a wide range of functionality for small and midsize manufacturing companies in the industrial, sales, and service sectors. Modular and highly flexible, the solution easily adapts to the evolution and growth of each enterprise. Our ability to support a structured and documented evaluation process, in addition to our proven services methodology, allows us to guide new customers through the entire process of procuring a new system, from selection to implementation. Everything is simple, with the costs defined beforehand.

ProConcept ERP is structured into four product lines:

· Finance & Payroll, for businesses working in the service, administration, and the public sector domains

· Production, for businesses working in the watchmaking, electronics, MedTech, and subcontracting sectors

· Project Based Manufacturing, for businesses working to build equipment, prototypes, 0 series, and machine-tools or metallic structures, as well as those managing construction sites, including road, nuclear, mechanical, or spatial

· Institutions, designed specifically for foundations that support the disabled or those with social difficulties in their professional and social integration, as well as sheltered workshops and childcare centers
Complete ERP Software, General Administrative , General Logistics, General Healthcare, General Office Automation