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New offer - Feasibility study

Wednesday 12.01.2022
https://polygon-software.ch/angebot/machbarkeits-studie https://polygon-software.ch/angebot/machbarkeits-studie

You have an idea for an innovative, digital product, a start-up or a concrete software, but you don't have any technical knowledge about whether and how it can be implemented, let alone what it will cost? We address such a situation with a feasibility study. In it, we not only present you with possible solutions for implementing your needs with software, but also estimate what the individual elements of the software will cost you. If your ideas contain technical components whose implementation must first be clarified, we build a throwaway prototype for you that proves that your idea can really be implemented. The aim is that you can finally make an informed decision as to whether and to what extent you want to realise your software.

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